About the founder

Vivian Moyo

My name is Vivian, the founder of the You Are Beautiful project. I was rejected, abandoned, unloved, and lonely growing up.

I lost my confidence and started seeking the wrong attention. Until one day someone told me that all I needed was hope and faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Through having faith that gave me my confidence back.

I then found affirmation to be the way that I turned my faith into reality. Affirmations are simple, positive statements declaring specific goals in their completed states.

Affirmations hold the key to unlocking the law of attraction and creating the life of your dreams.

My pain became my purpose which is empowering and encouraging young women to fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of themselves.

I use the affirmation as a tool to boost young women's confidence by encouraging them to affirm words such as I am Beautiful, I am Strong, I am Awesome, I am Authentic, and Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

I also work with young girls suffering from low- self steam and mental health such as anorexia, bulimia.