Work experience

What We Offer

We offer work experience to young people between the age of 16 and 30 years old, Wishing to develop their confidence and employment skills. The aim is to give young people the skills to find work within the media, and give them the platform to build their career, so that they can develop and showcase their work.

Jobs Available

You will need basis knowledge in the following

  1. Graphic design

  2. Web developer

  3. Creative writing

  4. Editorial Assistant

  5. Marketing skills

  6. Administrative skills


The programme is structured in two parts, with each part lasting for a good 6 months during which appraisals are held quarterly for interns. During this period professional opinions and guidance are given on each task produced by interns.

This is normally done on the week days. Also a 2 hour face- to -face theory-like teaching takes place during the week to allow interns to explore new technology trends and also polish their existing skills and also ask questions about their work. The aim of this session is to also aid interns to start to have a sense of what they would like to specialise on.

Please send us your portfolio and CV to